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05 March 2015

Diet Vs Spirituality


Not so long time ago, we used to believe that the more we got, the happier we would be. Now days, we are realising that it is doesn’t actually work that way. In fact, It is the opposite. To be really happy inside ourselves, we have to give as much as we can. This is the time to think about the welfare of others as well as ourselves, because our own happiness lies in the happiness of others: all people, all animals, all creatures, plants and the whole planet.

For example, if we base our food choices on love and compassion for other people, animals, plants and the whole world, we’ll make big changes in our life and in the whole world. Choice of vegetarian diet works on many levels: it’s support environment, it saves the lives of animals, and it’s good for physical health and mental health as well. After all, we are what we eat. If we want to live¬† a healthy life, we should eat the right food.

Our state of mind is the most important thing. It determines the way we think, feel, and act. It affects us and everyone around us.

Vegetarianism is not only good for the body, good for other people, good for animals and good for the planet. It’s also good for the mind. It helps to keep the mind calm, cool¬† and free of negative emotions.

So a vegetarian diet gives less stress, fear, and other negative emotions, and more positive emotions such as love, happiness, clarity and concentration.

A vegetarian diet increases consciousness and spirituality. It’s a yogic “sentient” vegetarian diet, which is especially good for the mind. Practically that means excluding onions, garlic, eggs and mushrooms from the usual vegetarian food. Over thousands of years of experimentation, yogis have found that these things have a negative effect on the mind. They prevent us from feeling calm, centred and blissful.

You will see the changes that will happen to your own life, to the planet, other people, animals.

With care & love

In Him… The Bhaktas

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