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13 April 2014

Meditation – Steps For Practice

  1. Set aside twenty minutes, morning and evening preferably at dawn and dusk before your meal. (Do not let twenty minutes be a barrier – 5 minutes is also good if that’s all you can do.)meditation
  2. Freshen up with a half-bath (dousing the arms, legs, eyes, face and neck with water) or cool shower before starting.
  3. choose a quite place in a clean environment where you will not disturbed. Use the same place every day if you can and decorate it pleasantly to your feeling.
  4. Sit cross-legged on a folded blanket. If necessary you can tuck a cushion under you behind to help you sit more comfortable.
  5. Keep your back straight but not stiff, shoulders relaxed and hands folded in the lap. Curl your tongue up and slightly back so it touches the roof of the mouth. (You may relax this posture and sit in a chair if it becomes painful but try to become accustomed to it gradually. If you use a chair, avoid leaning against the back.)
  6. Focus you mind on your breath for a few moments until you feel yourself settle down. (Focus on the navel area feeling it rising and falling as you breath).
  7. Then begin to use your imagination. Imagine that you sit on the planet and see a lot of stars and other planets around you. Everything is quite and silent. You sit on the top of the planet and in a peace look around. All around you is nothing except stars, planets and black space. You can see cosmic beauty, emptiness and freedom. Hold this thought in your mind until you feel light and free. This practice helps detach your mind from your everyday problems and environment, creating the space for you to focus on something more spiritual.Baba-Nam-Kevalam-Meditation
  8. Deep in the cosmic silence, beyond the noise of the world, you feel that everything is connected. You feel that there is nothing except love, nothing except God, everywhere. Slowly slowly all stars and planets starts to merge and even planet under you disappears. You stay in the absolutely dark and quite space. And you feel even more strong that inside you, outside you, everywhere is only love, only God, nothing else. All things change, all things pass away. Bur something remains forever. This is your true self. Fill up your mind with this beautiful thought and hold it until you feel your consciousness softening and expanding in a pleasant manner. If you feel you need something visual you can imagine infinite Light.
  9. Once you have settled in to this feeling as best as you can then begin to repeat the mantra, “Baba Nam Kevalam” and think of its meaning, “Infinite Love Is Everywhere”. Hear the sound of each word clearly. Imagine the beautiful idea. Repeat it at a steady comfortable speed with your breath. When you breath in repeat mentally Baba Nam and when you breath out repeat mentally Kevalam.
  10. It is natural for the mind to wander in the beginning so don’t worry about it. Just patiently keep on returning to the mantra and the thought of infinite love.
  11. Continue as long as you can. Remember that you become what you think. Feel the transformation happening in your consciousness.
  12. Remember the mantra as often as you can throughout the day.

Baba Nam Kevalam 
“Infinite Love Is Everywhere”

In Him… The Bhaktas

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