The Bhaktas


 The-BhaktasWelcome to The Bhaktas Official web site!

The Bhaktas is a music project focusing on a place where ancient Sanskrit Mantras and modern electronic ambient and trans music meet. Through their live performances, The Bhaktas spread their love and devotion all over the world in a beautiful meditative way that blends traditional Indian chants and Bhajans with electronic music. Through their compositions, they try to establish a link of the beauty of our own being and the Cosmic feeling around us that helps us to realise that we are all One.

The Bhaktas mean “devoted people” and both musicians PHANENDRA Baba(composing, electronics) and SHAKTI (composing, vocals) are living the celebration of a spiritual life. They take endless inspirations from the yogic teachings of Ananda Marga. Their Guru Shri Shri Anandamurti inspires them to live a devotional spiritual life and find their own inner path to the One through chanting Kirtan and practicing meditation.
When we gather together to sing we help each other to find the path to our real home. This path is full of Bhakti (devotion) and when we follow this path together towards the final goal we help all the entities and all the universe to realize the Love.

Let there be Love and Devotion all around.

Let’s unite our minds hearts and souls.

Baba Nam Kevalam


With Love… In Him…



1. Jaya Jagatambe // Player
  1. 1. Jaya Jagatambe // Player
  2. 2. Kundalini Kirtan // Player
  3. 3. Krishna Chill // Player
  4. 5. Sita Ram // Player
  5. 6. Our Kirtan // Player
  6. 9. Adi Shakti // Player
  7. 1. Om Namah Shivaya // Player
  8. 2. Maha Mantra // Player
  9. 3. Hiyaro Viinao // Player
  10. 4. Cosmic Kirtan // Player
  11. 6. Mere Gurudev // Player
  12. 1. Eso Eso // Player
  13. 9. Guru Puja // Player