26 October 2016


The topic of discussion is dharma sa’dhana’. What is dharma? What is sa’dhana’? Dharma means “nature”. Sa’dhana’ means “to complete the journey”. Each and every being which has been created in this universe has to complete its journey. Every [ion], every cell, every being which is born will have to complete its journey, because there... Read More
05 March 2015

Diet Vs Spirituality

Not so long time ago, we used to believe that the more we got, the happier we would be. Now days, we are realising that it is doesn’t actually work that way. In fact, It is the opposite. To be really happy inside ourselves, we have to give as much as we can. This is... Read More
05 March 2015

The Secrets of a Mantra

Baba Nam Kevalam. Sitting at my computer to write my first blog post, it seems like an obvious place to start. The “siddha mantra,” it’s sometimes called — in English, the perfect words that lead to the liberation of the mind. But why? What makes it so powerful? Why is it so important? It’s often... Read More
22 October 2014

Your Personal Relationship with God

In the morning I said that it is the utilization of energy which matters and not the possession of an unutilized capacity. Many people have inferiority complexes of different kinds. They think they are not learned. How will they achieve the goal of their life?It is wrong to presume that by reading voluminous books or... Read More
1. Jaya Jagatambe // Player
  1. 1. Jaya Jagatambe // Player
  2. 2. Kundalini Kirtan // Player
  3. 3. Krishna Chill // Player
  4. 5. Sita Ram // Player
  5. 6. Our Kirtan // Player
  6. 9. Adi Shakti // Player
  7. 1. Om Namah Shivaya // Player
  8. 2. Maha Mantra // Player
  9. 3. Hiyaro Viinao // Player
  10. 4. Cosmic Kirtan // Player
  11. 6. Mere Gurudev // Player
  12. 1. Eso Eso // Player
  13. 9. Guru Puja // Player