05 September 2014

Power of the Mantra

Mantra is not just a beautiful phrase. It is very powerful by it’s nature. Mantra – is the central tool for spiritual practice. We know that what we think – so we become. When we repeat a Mantra we suppose to ideate about the Supreme Consciousness. But most probably we have never seen or felt... Read More
12 May 2014


Mantras do not belong to this world. They are not creations of the human mind. They are also not creations of Maya. The mantras are like ropes that the great mystery throws down to us so that we may go to them and climb up. So that we may traverse through the 3 worlds and return... Read More
13 April 2014

Meditation – Steps For Practice

Set aside twenty minutes, morning and evening preferably at dawn and dusk before your meal. (Do not let twenty minutes be a barrier – 5 minutes is also good if that’s all you can do.) Freshen up with a half-bath (dousing the arms, legs, eyes, face and neck with water) or cool shower before starting. choose... Read More
1. Jaya Jagatambe // Player
  1. 1. Jaya Jagatambe // Player
  2. 2. Kundalini Kirtan // Player
  3. 3. Krishna Chill // Player
  4. 5. Sita Ram // Player
  5. 6. Our Kirtan // Player
  6. 9. Adi Shakti // Player
  7. 1. Om Namah Shivaya // Player
  8. 2. Maha Mantra // Player
  9. 3. Hiyaro Viinao // Player
  10. 4. Cosmic Kirtan // Player
  11. 6. Mere Gurudev // Player
  12. 1. Eso Eso // Player
  13. 9. Guru Puja // Player