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20 August 2014

Our hearts require changes..! Mantra tip from the Bhaktas for changing a life


Changes-in-the-heartJust amazing!

Every person dreams that one day his/her life will change, we dream in our hearts about miracles and incredible journeys, adventures and real love, deep connection with people around and peaceful state of mind. We dream about so many beautiful things and wait for the moment when we can make it real. But at the same time changes take us from our comfort zone and they are exactly what each of us is most afraid of! Ask why? The answer is simple.
If we want our dreams to come true we should understand that these changes should happen primarily within our hearts, in our minds, and it is not always so easy. Actually most of the time it can be painful, scary and uncomfortable. And because of our fear and lack of trust in ourselves instead of doing changes we keep on doing boring things which do not satisfy our inner requires any more, we are staying in the same place and don’t move deeper in love just because of our fear. Everyone knows that any effort to change oneself for the better is a challenge, which often do not lead to a real action. We try to change our life without changing anything inside but it does not work. If we really want to change the quality of our life we have to change the quality of our heart! And there is no other time then NOW. We all know that tomorrow never comes.
Real changes happen when people are not afraid to sacrifice their comfort zone for a Dream.

But how can we start moving closer to our changes and not to come back to the same point? It is so easy to be caught by our fears and stoked in the same place. And here you have to believe no matter what, that this time is full of possibilities for you that can lead you in so many beautiful directions. You have to take advantage of this time with all your inner being. It doesn’t mean that you have to go in every direction but you need to trust your heart and follow the signs.)
We have a very effective technique which we found on my way of finding myself, and which helps me to change myselfBaba-Nam-Kevalam from inside like nothing before. There is a very powerful and simple Mantra Meditation which I want to share with you. We know that nowadays there are so many practices, philosophies and recommendations how we can move towards oneself, how we can find inner peace, overcome fears and so on… And we tried a lot but nothing was so sweat and sincere as our daily being in the God presence during this simple Mantra Breathing Meditation. It is calm and long breathing with the Mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam” which you can bring into you daily life. Baba Nam Kevalam is a sanskrit mantra and the meaning of this mantra is “Love is all around us”. For bringing this simple practice in your life you need to take a long deep breath and repeat mentally to yourself the words “Baba Nam”. While you exhale out repeat meaningfully to yourself the word “Kevalam”.

Baba Nam means “the name of God” and Kevalam means “Always”. When you repeat mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam” it means “The God is always with me in every moment of my life and through every person around me”. You can repeat this mantra any time throughout the day as many times as you need.You can sing it as a mantra song. It can be while cooking breakfast, on your way to work, during conversation with somebody and in any situation of your life. The more often you repeat tis mantra ideating in it meaning, the more powerful support you will soon feel on the way to your changes. This will help you to overcome fears and become closer to your inner higher trough.

It is the never ending blossom of the most beautiful and lovely relationships with the most beloved. With all our gratitude for finding such a treasure we wish everybody knows that changes are possible, that fears become illusion, that you can find God in your heart , in your mind and in everybody and everything around whenever you go.

Baba Nam Kevalam…

The Bhaktas
In Him…

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