Power of Mantra

05 September 2014

Power of the Mantra


Mantra is not just a beautiful phrase. It is very powerful by it’s nature. Mantra – is the central tool for spiritual practice.
We know that what we think – so we become. When we repeat a Mantra we suppose to ideate about the Supreme Consciousness.
But most probably we have never seen or felt it in our life. It can be difficult to think about infinite love, absolute happiness or bliss. power-of-mantraTherefore it is very important to use a Mantra, because the sound of the mantra already contains this knowledge.
When your concentration on the sound of the mantra is good, then your mind flows together with the mantra, and you will definitely get this experience. Of course the maximum efficiency of the mantra appears when your concentration is very deep. But even if there is no concentration, each repetition of the mantra is like another drop in your internal space. So try to mentally repeat the mantra as much as possible while you are going somewhere on the bus, in a car, washing the dishes, or doing any work that does not require a strong mental engagement. Instead of thinking of all other things, you can recite the mantra and receive it’s energy.
When you accumulate a large quantity of spiritual energy, then you will notice that your life is beginning to happen by itself. Your intention will implement all around you. This is a very interesting point.
And the scheme is very simple. You need to repeat the mantra – focus on it – hear the sound of this mantra – and get it’s energy.

We recommend that you use the mantra as a tool for collecting spiritual energy through repetition or singing. And that’s how you will increase your inner happiness and power.

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