I think The Bhaktas are great. Usually I find that I’m not moved by electronica style Kirtan, but their music is really wonderful, deep and soulful. Keep it up. Love and peace

Jai Uttal

 The Bhaktas beats and mantras take you on a sublime kundalini awakening trip with their lush soothing sonic garden of exotic delights…peace, peace, peace… listen and enter into the sacred lotus flower of the Bhaktas

Wadada and Angel-eye


The Bhaktas expertly blend cinematic soundscapes, sacred chants and heartfelt electronica making their music a wonderful companion for the yoga lifestyle.

 Alex King-Harris, CEO/Founder

This music is like sweet, sparkling river flowing across the universe, filled with light, joy and universal love.

Pelle Miljoona, musician, Finland

 “With Krishna’s grace, I hope all is well with you. 

I am a psytrance deejay and I would like to thank you so much about your performance in Tangra Festival 2012, I was there and heard your opening of the festival. I still wasn’t a Bhakta back then, and thanks to you and Ogi Yudhisthira, I changed my whole perspective of the meaning of things, in the way by excluding my thoughts as a body and thinking and acting with my spirit soul. That made me the happiest person, healthier and more responsible in life than ever before.”

 With Love & Light,

Visar a.k.a. Younion

Every day i hear angels singing in my ear with the most beautiful healing music…. Thanks u 2 to heal my soul.  U are with me everywhere.  

Camomolla Rosalie

 I LOVE the New Dawn album!!! Blissful & Beautiful! I love your sound and the frequencies emanating from it!!! My inner starbeing really feels it. So much love & devotion in your music, it really lifts my vibration and opens my heart! Thank you, precious beings of the light. ((((((i love you)))))

 Stella Angelica





1. Jaya Jagatambe // Player
  1. 1. Jaya Jagatambe // Player
  2. 2. Kundalini Kirtan // Player
  3. 3. Krishna Chill // Player
  4. 5. Sita Ram // Player
  5. 6. Our Kirtan // Player
  6. 9. Adi Shakti // Player
  7. 1. Om Namah Shivaya // Player
  8. 2. Maha Mantra // Player
  9. 3. Hiyaro Viinao // Player
  10. 4. Cosmic Kirtan // Player
  11. 6. Mere Gurudev // Player
  12. 1. Eso Eso // Player
  13. 9. Guru Puja // Player