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04 October 2014

Why is it difficult sometimes to concentrate the mind during our meditation?


People sometimes might think that meditation is not for them, due to the unanability to focus the mind and keep it calm while meditating.

In general we have a big flow of thoughts in our mind, which absorbs our energy and in the end we waste our potential and joy of life. We feel de-energized and don’t feel enough strength and inspiration to do something important, creative, useful, to achieve success in internal and external spheres.

Thoughts constantly running in our mind and one thought follows the other. These thoughts are not free, every thought takes a certain quantity of our energy and eventually makes our mind rough.

During spiritual practise (meditation) thoughts start to manifest even stronger than in the normal state, because in the normal state, our attention is distracted, eyes open, body moves etc. And in meditation we sit motionless with eyes closed and in silence. That is why thoughts become clearer. But meditation differs from usual thinking because here we train our mind. And there is centre in our meditation which is our mantra!

During spiritual practises we have a great opportunity to influence the course of our thoughts, the formation of our character and life in general by practising awareness. The more awareness occurs under the influence of meditation, the more influence and control is achieved in our daily life.

meditationThat is why it is very important to treat meditation as a process and not only as way to be high. If we don’t enjoy meditation from very first moment and face with big flow of our thoughts that doesn’t mean that something is wrong. Often the worst part of the meditation is the best! Great development happens when the mind is agitated, and we have to make efforts to cope with endless thoughts. That is why in the worst meditation we can get very fast development.

This may be not a comfortable process, but very useful. It is cleansing of the mind. Through our meditation our conscious becomes more clean and harmonised. This is a very good process and it is important to be optimistic. This is not an eternal process, you need to be patient. Consider it as a golden time of coming back home to the blissful state of mind. One day, your attention will be in the centre and it is a very strong energy condition.

Meditation should not be seen as a pill or drug that brings only pleasure, it should be seen as a progress, that leads to the maturation of the soul.

Keep on doing meditation. Meditation always works and is always good. It is important to overcome the barriers. Keep on meditating and slowly the smoke will clear out. Two times a day will be enough for your spiritual progress. You will come to an inner clarity and to a realisation of your goals. You will defiantly get new forces and new inspirations which brings you to the higher dimensions of realising yourself and who you truly are.

With love and care…In Him….The Bhaktas

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